Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Journal of Sgt. John Clark Ely

Sgt. John Clark Ely of Company C, 115th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was a prisoner at the Confederacy's Camp Sumter in middle Georgia. Journal entries are courtesy of Andersonville National Historic Site.

Sgt. Ely
Feb. 4, 1865 (Saturday)
Rained hard in night, rainy this morning, cleared up a.m. very fine p.m. drew soap, boys had big time washing.

Feb. 5, 1865 (Sunday)
Cloudy morning, hounds were out all day yesterday and in night, usual prison life, many rumors of Lee in camp today, that he recommends laying down arms.

Feb. 6, 1865 (Monday)
Rain in night and misty rain this morning and through day. 26 new men in today.

Feb. 7, 1865 (Tuesday)
Rain through night and this morning, felt quite sick in night and this morning.

Feb. 8, 1865 (Wednesday)
Fine morning, cleared off in night. Many rumors of an exchange again, hope it may prove true.

Feb. 9, 1865 (Thursday)
Cold morning with wind. Rebs got scared yesterday, took all the axes out of camp, put on an extra guard and planted a battery East of camp. Do not know whether they are afraid of out or inside, the commissioners returned from their visit to Washington, old Abe’s reply: lay down arms before negotiations.

Feb. 10, 1865 (Friday)
Beautiful morning, white frost. Many rumors in camp, but very little news.

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