Thursday, December 24, 2009

Most-clicked Picket articles this year

First off, thanks to everyone for visiting this site in 2009. It's been a labor of love, so pardon me if I have strayed into the wrong topics. Thought I'd share the most-viewed items. Of course, feel free to read them by clicking through the archives at right. Merry Christmas from the Picket! May you and yours have a great 2010.

1. 42 Union artillery shells found south of Atlanta (October)

2. Preview of Bummers '09, immersion event remembering March to the Sea. (October)

3. Articles on the legacy of Confederate Gen. James Longstreet. (Sept and Oct.)

4. Saturday's photos from the Battle of Atlanta re-enactments (September)

5. Interview with author Jim Miles about Sherman, March to the Sea. (October)

6. New sports complex at Atlanta school will destroy 110 yards of trenches. (October)

7. Citadel finds "Big Red" flag (October)

8. Unknown dead remembered by SCV, others in Trion, Ga. (September)

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