Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music to his comrades' ears

Patrick Peterson looks every bit the Confederate.

His $600 hand-crafted uniform features a gray linen jacket above brown jean-cloth pants. His chevrons are those of a bugler.

In the saddle of Woodrow, his Percheron cross breed, the goateed Griffin, Ga., resident exudes confidence.

This weekend, Peterson is portraying a bugler in Rambo’s Brigade.

At 52 and the recipient of an artificial hip, Peterson is a little older and weathered than a typical Civil War bugler. But he takes his charge seriously.

The bugler is using about 25 of 52 infantry bugle calls, including “attention,” performed above.

Because the sound of a bugle travels farther than a voice in the din of battle, officers used them to signal commands to troops.

At the Atlanta re-enactments, each battle or skirmish ends with the playing of Taps to honor soldiers who died during the Civil War.

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