Friday, September 11, 2009

Making plans....

Regrouping a bit after the Battle of Atlanta. I hope to travel to Tunnel Hill for the re-enactment there on Sept. 20.

Coming up: Interview with the Longstreet Society, which promotes the Civil War career and post-war accomplishments of Confederate Gen. James B. Longstreet.

Meanwhile, on this day in history:

1861 - U.S. President Lincoln revoked General John C. Frémont's unauthorized military proclamation of emancipation in Missouri. Later, Lincoln replaced Frémont (left) with General David Hunter.

1861 - Confederate troops under General Robert E. Lee moved into position against a Union stronghold on Cheat Mountain in western Virginia. Three days later the Confederates retreated without firing a shot.

1864 - A 10-day truce was declared between General Sherman and General Hood so that civilians could leave Atlanta, Georgia.

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