Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby, it's hot outside

The good news for a federal re-enactor in Atlanta this weekend: You won most of the battles.

The bad news: You had to sweat a little more than your foe in gray.

It’s no secret that the wool and linen uniforms worn by re-enactors were more than a little uncomfortable on a hot Georgia day that approached 90 degrees Sunday.

In battle, Civil War soldiers usually wore their coats, so shirtsleeves at a re-enactment is out of the question.

“Ice angels” handed out ice chunks to many of the hobbyists before Sunday’s hourlong engagement that re-created 1864 fighting in Lovejoy.

Re-enactors say the blue uniforms are hotter than the butternut gray. They say wearing an extra shirt or T-shirt soaks up the perspiration to provide a modicum of air-conditioning.

Still, EMTs were on hand to treat any form of heat exhaustion.

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