Monday, July 25, 2016

Gettysburg Daily is back in action

Gettysburg Daily, a website that posts photos on a variety of topics regarding the battlefield, returned last week with little fanfare after a four-year hiatus. “Missed us? We missed you too,” read a July 19 Facebook posting.

The independent site’s aim is to provide photos or videos and researched captions each day. Licensed Battlefield Guide and history teacher Bobby Housch, with the assistance of two sons, launched Gettysburg Daily in February 2008 and it covered the spectrum until May 2012, when the family announced it had other priorities to which it needed to attend.

(The Picket, which interviewed Housch in December 2009 attempted last week to contact him. We’ll update the blog if we hear back).

The site’s creators take several photographs of subject and include the approximate time at which the image was taken. It has a huge inventory of topics and Housch has provided his point of view on many battlefield initiatives.

Since July 17, when the site was reborn, subjects have included what’s being done with the old Cyclorama parking lot, restoration of the Thompson House and the National Park Service’s reconstruction of the Hancock Avenue Gate.

On the latter, Gettysburg Daily writes the gate has no interpretive and little commemorative value. It also questions why the NPS wants to minimize the addition of new monuments, which the website considers to be educational.

Social media fans have applauded the return of Gettysburg Daily. “Wonderful having you back,” wrote one on Facebook. “You help provide my Gettysburg therapy.”

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