Friday, September 5, 2014

Picket update 2: And the winner is .....

You may recall last week's preview of a lecture about four generals crucial to the execution and result of the Atlanta Campaign during 1864. Author Steve Davis spoke at the city's Lovett School about their character and integrity. Beforehand, he told the Picket he wanted his pick of the man possessing the most laudable character kept a surprise.

George H. Thomas
We can now share his summary:

-- Would I want to be remembered as a delayer and retreater? (Joseph E. Johnston)

-- Would I want to be remembered as a demonstration of the Peter Principle? (John Bell Hood)

-- Would I want to be remembered as "vicious, cruel and mean"? (William T. Sherman)

-- No, I'd rather have my gravesite remind everyone that in character I was solid as a rock. (George H. Thomas)

Thomas earned the title "Rock of Chickamauga" for rallying forces and preventing a complete rout at the 1863 battle in northern Georgia. Born in Virginia, he stayed loyal to the Union and contributed significantly to victory in the west. He died in 1870.

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