Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Singers, NASCAR drivers in HBO miniseries

A number of country artists and at least one NASCAR drivers have signed on to star and/or create music for HBO’s forthcoming Civil War miniseries, “To Appomattox.” • Article

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  1. This planned TV series is NOTHING like what I have created about the Civil War and NASCAR!
    While THEY didn't rip me off, the ad agency that made those Dodge Charger commercials with George Washington did! ( They simply changed the concept to fit their Revolution campaign...but they still ripped off my idea!) But I hold no grudges...it just proves that I am operating in the zeitgeist!
    Anyway, check out my work:
    They are large collages, all hand-cut and taped together.
    or you can check them out in an online digital magazine format:

    great blog, btw!